AIMA Fund Manager Briefing: Unique Insights on Volatile Markets

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With some restrictions being lifted in May, and companies encouraged to restart work in many countries, there are signs that economic activity has started to pick up again. However, outlook for some sectors remain bleak.

AIMA and IHS Markit are pleased to invite you to join this webinar to discuss the latest observations on volatile global markets. In this session, IHS Markit experts will share key insights and unique perspectives on the current state of the market and any warning signs that might raise flags for portfolio and risk managers.

Drawing knowledge from economic, dividends, fixed income and sector-specific datasets, the session will highlight:

1.            Which countries, sectors and companies have fared badly or shown resilience?

2.            What early indicators are we seeing for a change in the current state of the market?

3.            Which sectors and economies are best positioned to weather the storm?

This session will be of most interest to CIO, Head of Investments, Portfolio Manager, Analyst, CRO, Head of Risk, Chief Economist, Strategist.

Speakers include:

Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist, is a well-known economic commentator and is regularly quoted in international business print and broadcast press – mostly recently he appeared on CNBC.

Christopher Fenske, Head of Fixed Income Research, has been writing a daily global market summary, providing extensive commentary on changes in global equity and bonds markets across multiple sectors. 

Thomas Matheson, Head of Dividend Research, oversees a global team of equity analysts that have been issuing intraday reports on changes in dividend announcements and forecasts.

Please note this event is open to fund managers only.