AIMA Hong Kong Fund Manager Briefing: How can COO unify compliance and risk for a resilient financial future?

Hong Kong In-person Compliance

AIMA invites you to this fund manager briefing on Monday 15 April 2024.

This event aims to explore the imperative need for firms in the alternatives to embrace a unified approach to compliance and risk management.

In today's dynamic landscape, the consequences of a siloed approach to compliance and risk management are unmistakable. Fragmented systems often lead to enforcement actions and hefty fines, highlighting the urgency for a transformative shift.

Join us as we delve into the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officers (COOs) in bridging the gap between compliance and risk. Our distinguished panel of industry experts will navigate through key discussion points, including:

  • Unveiling the pitfalls of siloed approaches: Understanding how fragmented systems contribute to enforcement actions and fines.
  • Fintech's transformative influence: Exploring how technological innovations can dissolve boundaries between compliance and risk.
  • The power of unity: Discovering how unified compliance and risk management functions provide comprehensive coverage of workflows, enabling firms to counteract key risks effectively.

AIMA Host:

  • Michael Bugel, Managing Director, Co-head of APAC, AIMA


  • Sherif Elmazi, CFO & COO, Oasis Management Company
  • Simarjit (Sim) Johal, Head of Asia Pacific, TS Imagine


  • Stephanie Cheung, Sales Director, APAC, TS Imagine

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