AIMA Regulatory Deep Dive Programme - UK

UK Regulatory Deep Dive

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During this session, Dechert lawyers, Dick Frase, Philippa List and Stuart Martin, will be taking an in-depth look at:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority, its approach to regulating and what this means in the context of Brexit;
  • Options for the reform of UK private fund structures; and
  • ​​​​​HM Treasury’s Consultation On The Regulatory Framework For The Approval Of Financial Promotions.


  • Dick Frase, Partner, Dechert LLP
  • Philippa List, Professional Support Lawyer, Dechert LLP
  • Stuart Martin, Legal Consultant, Dechert LLP

AIMA Regulatory Deep Dive Programme

AIMA are hosting a programme of country-specific regulatory review sessions that cover the changes in the relevant country’s regulation and enforcement in the trailing six months and any pending or future country-specific developments that are anticipated in the next six months.

Each session will cover topics with respect to the country providing requirements, guidance, enforcement that affects solely asset managers that are established there. The sessions will be of interest to manager members who would be interested in that country because they:

  • Manage or sub-manage funds established in that country;
  • Market funds or portfolio management services in that country; or
  • Invest in issuers established in that country or traded in that country.

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If you would like to register, please contact us at [email protected]

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