AIMA Regulatory Deep Dive Programme - USA

USA Regulatory Deep Dive

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AIMA are hosting a programme of country-specific regulatory review sessions that cover the changes in the relevant country’s regulation and enforcement in the trailing six months and any pending or future country- specific developments that are anticipated in the next six months.  

The objective of the sessions will be to present developments from the chosen country to an audience from outside the relevant country requirements, as opposed to covering requirements, guidance, and enforcement issues that solely affect asset managers that are established in that country. The sessions will be of interest to manager members who would be interested in that country because they:

  • Manage or sub-manage funds established in that country;
  • Market funds or portfolio management services in that country; or
  • Invest in issuers established in that country or traded in that country.


This regulatory review session will feature speakers from Clifford Chance who will take a deep dive into some of the areas where there is heightened enforcement risk for investment managers in the current environment. Topics will include:

  • Overview of SEC valuation enforcement actions: Discuss some of the key takeaways from SEC valuation enforcement actions following the 2008 financial crisis and their applicability to today's market.
  • Recent valuation enforcement trends: Focus on some of the SEC's most recent enforcement actions and discuss trends in SEC enforcement, as well as how to avoid some of the common mistakes.
  • The SEC's focus on insider trading: Discuss the SEC's focus on potential insider trading related to COVID-19 and steps that investment managers can take to avoid an insider trading investigation.
  • Disclosures in light of COVID-19: Provide some practical advice for investment managers on how to disclose the impact of COVID-19 on investment performance.


  • Celeste Koeleveld, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Minji Reem, Associate, Clifford Chance
  • Suzan Rose, Senior Advisor, Government & Regulatory Affairs, AIMA


  • Benjamin Berringer, Associate, Clifford Chance


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