AIMA Update of Guide to Sound Practices for the Valuation of Investments - Toronto

Canada Valuation

AIMA invites you to attend an event to mark the recent launch of the 2018 update of the 'AIMA Guide to Sound Practices for the Valuation of investments' sponsored by PwC.  The event will enable attendees to hear from Jennifer Wood, AIMA’s Global Head of Asset Management Regulation and Sound Practices, as well as a panel of industry experts and members of the AIMA working group that produced this update to the Guide. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

The number of recommendations made in the Guide has increased by one since the prior edition, to seventeen, and a number of the existing recommendations have been enhanced and updated to reflect trends in valuation processes. The panel will discuss how valuation practices have changed to reflect the changes in the markets and industry with respect to valuation since 2013, how the revised Guide addresses valuation practices that have developed in the wake of the implementation of AIFMD and the changes made to the recommendations.


Jennifer Wood | Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Management Regulation & Sound Practices| AIMA
Derek Hatoum | 
Partner | PricewaterhouseCoopers
Sean Rowe | 
Partner | PricewaterhouseCoopers
Ryan Teal |
 Partner, Operational Due Diligence Analyst| Albourne Partners Limited
Herman Gill | Chief Financial Officer| Polar Asset Management Partners

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