AIMA Webinar - Fixed Income ETFs: Sending a Clear Signal

The bond market is modernising in response to changes in regulation, advances in technology and evolution in investor behaviour. Fixed income exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been a key driver of this change and in 2019 the global FI ETF industry AUM topped $1 trillion, doubling in just three years. This growth has been driven by a demand for greater transparency, liquidity, and ever faster ability to access and transfer risk.

The coronavirus crisis has only accelerated these trends. Amidst the turmoil, investors have increasingly turned to fixed income ETFs for clarity and colour on what is happening in the underlying bond markets. Fixed Income ETFs have proved themselves as price discovery tools, accurately reflecting the conditions of the underlying markets and providing access to liquidity.

In this discussion, we will be:

  1. Looking at the evolution of the ETF market and how ETFs have fared over the last several months
  2. Learning how ETF portfolios are managed and how the COVID-19 crisis impacted these processes.
  3. Exploring the different ways ETFs are used within portfolios.
  4. Breaking down the ETF ecosystem, digging into the ETF lending market and the launch of new ETF option exposures.

Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA iShares and Index Investments
Sid Swaminathan, Head Core Portfolio Management EMEA, BlackRock Global Fixed Income
Natacha Blackman, Fixed Income Product Strategist
Moderator: Annemarie Teutsch, iShares UK Asset Manager Sales

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