AIMA Webinar: Quants in 2020 and Beyond - What does the future hold?


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The only thing predictable about 2020 has been a lack of predictability. How have systematic strategies fared in navigating this year’s surprises? In this webinar, leading quantitative managers will reflect on the current market, discuss recent technological breakthroughs and consider the next chapter of quant investing.

The panel will cover:
• How does a quant fund of today differ from a quant fund of 5, 10 years ago? How are allocators getting comfortable with this approach?
• In the current volatile market environment, what is impacting the ability to generate alpha? How has the market microstructure evolved?
• Which advances in data analysis, computing power, machine learning and AI have most impacted the quant industry? What are new frontiers for the quant industry?
• How is the fight for talent shaping up, particularly between the finance and tech sectors?


Meisan Lim, CFA, 

Head of Uncorrelated HF Strategies Research, Cambridge Associates


Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Chief Scientist and Chairman, CFM


Matthew Sargaison 


Anthony Todd
CEO, Aspect Capital