AIMA Webinar: COVID-19 impact on liquidity risk management and response


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Liquidity risk management has been a hot topic in asset management and regulatory circles recently. With the recent high volatility observed in the context of the COVID-19, authorities are closely monitoring liquidity dynamics across asset classes and funds. Any potential issues identified could have a significant impact on the regulatory reform agenda in the coming years, notably in the context of the AIFMD Review.

AIMA is pleased to invite you to attend a webinar event focusing on the COVID-19 impact on liquidity risk management and response. The webinar will include a panel with three high-level professionals who will share their experience on the matter:
•    Brian McMahon, Managing Director, Alternative Investment Services, EMEA, BNY Mellon
•    Declan Quilligan, European Head of Hedge Funds, Citco Fund Services
•    James Ramenda, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk SS&C Technologies

The discussion will focus on the trends administrators and depositaries have seen in liquidity risk management for (i) funds with daily/frequent shareholder redemptions, (ii) funds with significant liquidity requirements from funding sources (whether short term or long term), and (iii) funds with less liquid portfolios or portfolios that could become illiquid within a short period of time depending on the circumstances. Please join us to hear the panellists share their views on issues such as:
•    investor redemption trends
•    whether there has been an increase in the deployment of redemption management tools such as swing pricing, gates and suspensions
•    impact of market movements on leveraging, deleveraging, margin calls, etc.
•    impact on securities financing transactions
•    impact on short selling and locates
•    valuation
•    impact on stress testing
•    future trends