APAC Event: Advancing Talent Developments in Financial Services - Updates on Emerging Global Trends, Their Impact, and Talent Policy Strategies

Hong Kong Asia Pacific Talent Virtual event

AIMA invites you to our Talent event on Tuesday 16 April 2024. This event is co-organised by AoF/HKIMR, AIMA, and CFA Institute. 

As the financial services industry encounters unprecedented changes, understanding the transformation of its talent landscape is crucial for staying competitive.

What are the major sociodemographic trends that have emerged in the global market for talents in the finance and investment industry?

What talent policies and strategies do governments and firms have in place to recruit and retain the talents?

Join us where we will learn about HKIMR’s latest research report “Advancing Talent Development in Financial Services: Emerging Global Trends and their Impact on Hong Kong”. In addition, a distinguished panel of industry leaders will share their insights on talent development, offering perspectives from the global scene, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Greater Bay Area.