APAC Fraud Summit


We are proud to be launching the most interactive Cyber Conference of 2020 the CyberSafe Summit alongside our annual APAC Fraud Summit co-located on the 6th to 8th May 2020 at the Grace Hotel in Sydney. CyberSafe is a unique event that will explore some of the most exciting case studies and innovative strategies to prevent data breaches, enhance cyber defence capabilities and update your cyber prevention and protection measures. With powerful keynote presentations and panel discussions from Australia’s leading Cyber professionals, this event will address the most significant challenges being faced today and uncover how Cyber Professionals can leverage detection and prevention strategies to increase security and improve data protection. At the APAC Fraud Summit, we’ll explore how fraud professionals can embrace technology, speed, transparency and collaboration to detect and prevent fraud. Despite fraudsters getting more sophisticated with their tactics, the APAC Fraud Summit will present case studies, thought leadership, and interactive sessions that will demonstrate how organisations and fraud professionals are getting more sophisticated at fighting back.

Here from 50+ speakers across both events including:
Raymond But, Executive Director, Deputy Global Head Anti-Fraud, UBS Bank 
Verity Greenwood, Lecturer & Researcher - Emerging Issues in Financial Crime' and 'Fraud Detection, Investigative Techniques, Macqurie University 
Jason Wright, CIO & CISO, US Department of Defence
Neil Hokpins, Head of Cyber Security, HSBC Bank Australia Limited

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