APAC Webinar: Managed Accounts – A shift in the balance of power in retail investments

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Managed Accounts are the fastest growing part of the retail financial services. At over $130bn and growing 30%-40% per year, within a few years they will exceed $250bn. That’s about a quarter of the entire platform market.

Managed accounts are emerging in different structures – SMAs, MDAs, wholesale discretionary accounts. All designed to make portfolio management more frictionless and offer better results and lower costs for investors.

The dynamics of the managed account market are different to the conventional dealer group advice market and the key participants are different. The emerging group of asset consultants and portfolio managers working within advice firms are acquiring a dominant role. Fund managers are coming under pricing pressure as portfolio decision making is concentrated in fewer hands.

Technology is enabling more sophisticated portfolios and wider use of both domestic and international investments.

Important investment sectors – such as private markets, hedge funds, illiquid investments – can be difficult to accommodate in platform based managed accounts but viable, particularly for MDA structures.

Take part and listen to how this emerging market is reshaping the delivery of advice in retail and wholesale markets with your chance to ask questions.


  • Michael Gallagher, Managing Director, Head of Australia, AIMA
  • Toby Potter, Chair, Institute of Managed Account Professionals