Breaking Barriers: Diversity & Inclusion

Canada Diversity

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AIMA Canada is proud to present our 4th annual Breaking Barriers on Diversity & Inclusion event.

This discussion will focus on race, ethnicity and culture, highlighting some of the challenges minorities have faced in the alternative investment industry and the opportunities that workplaces can take to improve inclusion and representation.

Panelists will share both personal stories and actionable ideas for firms of all sizes, including topics of allyship, education, mentorship, recruitment, affinity groups and authentic leadership communication.

This discussion follows the release of the AIMA/Albourne Diversity & Inclusion Due Diligence Questionnaire earlier this year, already used several hundred times by institutional allocators globally and AIMA’s The Alternatives, a research paper released last year with 45 action items firms can consider taking to improve diversity and inclusion.



- Renée Dwyer, Digital Accelerator, Senior Associate, Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)



- Helen Park, Senior Advisor, Inclusion and Strategic Initiatives, BMO Capital Markets
- Kurankye Sekyi-Otu, CFA, Chief Strategy Officer, Polar Asset Management Partners
- Kripa Kapadia, Director, Client Portfolio Management, RP Investment Advisors LP
- Michael Williams, Chief Risk Officer, General Counsel, Richardson Wealth



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