Culture & Conduct in Hedge Funds


Culture is currently at the forefront of the agenda for both businesses and regulators.

A firm’s culture, including in particular non-financial misconduct, is a cross-sector priority of the FCA,  with a particular focus on how organisations build healthy cultures. Further, the FCA has extended the Senior Manager and Certification Regime across other sectors so that from the 9th December SMCR will apply to almost all FSMA authorised firms.

Boards are expected to assess and monitor culture within organisations. However, it is important to understand that there is no silver bullet for achieving a good culture, it is not a tick box exercise, and takes time and commitment from senior leadership.

Please join an A&O Consulting facilitated round table discussion on getting culture right, based on scenarios around business and personal misconduct. This group session will provide an opportunity to discuss the real impact of culture and conduct issues, and how they can be practically addressed by firms in line with regulatory expectations in the Investment Management sector.


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