EMEA: Allocator Perspectives

UK USA Singapore UK China Japan Canada Australia Virtual event Investor education

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Join this discussion to hear institutional investors from Europe and the Middle East share their perspectives on asset allocation and alternative investment trends in this virtual preview for the in-person AIMA Global Investor Forum.

Topics will include:

  • Private vs public market allocations given current valuations
  • Strategic asset allocation considerations in light of inflation trends
  • Alternative allocation trends: current searches
  • How LPs are working with GPs in strategic relationships


  • Mark Burbach, Chief Investment Officer, Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund
  • Helen Idenstedt, Head of External Partnerships and Innovation, Första AP-fonden (AP1)
  • Sanjay Tikku, Senior Advisor, KAUST Investment Management Company
  • Nikos Latsos, Investment Director, LFO


  • Fiona Treble, Managing Director, Global Head of Membership, AIMA