Initial Margin: What is next and lessons learnt so far


By the date of this round table, Initial Margin Phase 4 entities would have begun posting initial margin to their counterparties and regulators globally are expected to firm up their view on substitute compliance.  Investment managers of funds who will be or could potentially be in-scope of the requirement to exchange Initial Margin for uncleared OTC derivatives in 2020 (Phase 5) or 2021 (the new Phase 6), should be considering the steps required.

During the session, Fieldfisher LLP will share recent experiences in relation to Initial Margin Phase 4 implementation. They will discuss the practical and legal documentation challenges that arise more specifically in relation to buy-side implementation of initial margin requirements and how to addressed them. An update will also be given on the current state of play on the global stage and what the regulators are saying. 


  • Ron Feldman, Fieldfisher
  • Emma Spiers, Fieldfisher
  • Jenny Warren, Fieldfisher
  • David Barton, Rokos Capital
  • Adam Jacobs-Dean, AIMA

This event will be held under Chatham House rule.

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