Launch of AIMA's Outsourcing Guide


Focus on Outsourcing

AIMA invites you to join us on Thursday February 7 for the U.S. launch of AIMA's new Guide to Sound Practices for Outsourcing by Investment Managers (the Guide) and AIMA's illustrative questionnaire for the Due Diligence of Outsourcing Service Providers (the DDQ). 

Although OCIE has not specified outsourcing as a focus of current exam priorities, failures in operational and compliance controls to supervise can lead to enforcement actions. This, combined with the substantial increase in focus on outsourcing by European entities, makes outsourcing sound practices important for managers.

The Guide is designed to give investment managers a global perspecitive on outsourcing to draw from when thinking about sound practices for their own firms in light of local and international regulatory requirements.

The DDQ provides a starting place for due diligence on outsourcing service providers and is a starting place in documenting the selection process.

Come hear a panel of industry experts give their perspectives on sound practices for outsourcing and how investment managers can approach compliance with applicable regulatory requirements in this important area. 


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