360° Mentorship


This year, we bring panellists from across the industry to carry on the ‘Mentoring in Reverse’ conversation. In last year’s edition, we reversed the narrative and let young professionals direct the conversation by sharing their perspectives on the mentoring process with two senior professionals. Through a back-n-forth discussion, we heard young professionals speak about their needs, challenges, and suggestions and hear senior professionals respond from their experiences.

In this year’s session, we continue this revolving conversation in a post-pandemic setting within a hybrid work environment by exploring key topics such as:

  • the right process to accepting feedback and demonstrating improvement and the benefits of open-mindedness in learning new skills

  • the prioritization of self sufficiency in career growth and self-leadership capabilities

  • the rise and impacts of technological knowledge in today’s workforce

  • the great resignation due to the lessons of lockdown and reimagination of what normal life should look like

  • the maintenance of a realistic work-life balance to minimize the risk of burnout and find greater job satisfaction

We invite all professionals to join us for what promises to be an informative discussion.



  • Julia Vriend, Associate, Prime Services Group, CIBC
  • Aliyah Rahim, Sales and Trading Associate, TD Securities
  • Hunter Hutt, Associate Director, Business Development, Cortland Credit Group Inc. 
  • Derek Hatoum, Partner, PwC Canada
  • Andy Yan, Principal, Partner Solutions, Westcourt Capital Corporation