Navigating Private Placement Regimes Around the World - Hong Kong

Hong Kong

We are pleased to present a full-day conference focusing on marketing and private placement requirements in key fundraising jurisdictions globally.

Although private placement regimes have not changed as drastically in the last three years as they did between 2011 and 2014, most regimes have continued to evolve in subtle and some not so subtle ways. Overall fundraising remains a challenge globally.  

AIMA is pleased to present this program, which will include updates on the requirements applicable to private placements (and some other types of fundraising) in key fundraising jurisdictions around the world.  Please join us for this one day event at which expert industry panellists will discuss the practical aspects of raising capital in various countries and regions.


Download a copy of the slides from the various presenations below. 

Canada UK & Brexit Australia


Nordics Japan Korea Switzerland Indonesia


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