New Opportunities from High-level Opening-up

UK In-person

Jing’an District of Shanghai is a widely recognized high-end business district and high-quality residential area. Our presenters with proven expertise will deliver to you not only the close ties between Jing’an and London, but also the latest on the development and future plans of the financial and commercial industry in Jing’an District, to showcase the opportunities lies in this golden land


2:00PM | Welcome Speech & Keynote, Title: To Feel the China Beats of Economy and Financial Industry via Brief Introductions on
                 development of Jing’an District
                 Speaker: Mr Wang Hua, Governor, Shanghai Jing’an District Government 
2:40PM | Keynote, Latest Trend on Legal Framework of China Asset Management Sector
                 Speaker: Ge Yin, Partner, Han Kun Law Offices
2:55PM | Keynote, Development of Foreign Asset Managers’ Expansion in China
                 Speaker: Jeffrey Guo, Managing Director General Manager, Overseas Institutional Client Dept.Guotai Junan Securities
                 Co., Ltd
3:10PM | Keynote, Observation on China Wealth Management Sector, Booming Opportunities and Diversified Roadmap in China
                 Asset Management Industry
                 Speaker: Bing Liang, CEO, BOCOM Schroders Wealth Management Co., Ltd
3:25PM | Keynote, UK Companies’ Development in China
                 Speaker: Lin-Siao Fou-Menuhin, Director, Public Affairs and Communication, Greater China, Diageo Group
3:40PM | Q&A