November Fund Manager Briefing - Dublin


The tracker mortgage examination is the largest and most complex consumer protection review ever carried out by the Central Bank.  The examination prompted the Minister for Finance to commission a review of the behaviour and culture of the Irish financial services sector, which was published by the Central Bank in July 2018.

The review sets out detailed proposals for a new individual accountability framework, which will include a Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR) and which, ultimately, will apply to all of the financial sector in Ireland, including asset managers.  The Central Bank has indicated that, in designing the SEAR, they took into account the FCA’s experience in implementing the SMCR in the UK.

At this event, we will be joined by practitioners from Simmons & Simmons Dublin and London, who will share their practical experience in dealing with SEAR & SMCR, and we will discuss how this experience will be a guide to the approach the Central Bank may take when implementing the new regime in Ireland.

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