AIMA Fund Manager Briefing | Protecting, tracing and insuring blockchain assets: An introduction to crypto risk

UK Virtual event Blockchain

Gallagher will be coveing how organisations should think about protecting blockchain assets (and conducting due diligence on firms who hold custody), and the current state of the art in the world of cryptocurrency tracing and asset freezing. The team will draw on case studies ranging from advisory for large technology firms, to recovering crypto-ransoms on behalf of cyber insurers.

They will also demonstrate a typical blockchain tracing technology in real time. Gallagher will contextualise what this means for asset managers as this class becomes more popular, and how this connects closely to risk transfer in the form of insurance. 


  • James Hoare, Executive Director Digital Assets, Financial and Professional Lines, Gallagher
  • Alan Chapman, Division Director Digital Assets, Financial and Professional Lines, Gallagher
  • Jake Hernandez, CEO, Co-Lead on Digital Assets, AnotherDay, A Gallagher Company
  • Marlon Pinto, Director, Co-Lead on Digital Assets, Investigations at AnotherDay, A Gallagher Company

This session is open to manager members only.

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