Skills Workshop: Persuasion and Communication in the Written and Spoken Word

We all use language all of the time and we often need to persuade others to accept our point of view. Yet, we don’t think enough about how our choice of words influences the outcomes we achieve. There are some easy and proven ways of giving your words a persuasive edge, meaning that you are likelier to convince your audience, whether that is a specific person, a team or an entire company.

AIMA invites you to join the AIMA Careers Network for a session with Alex Preston, Communications Consultant at Man, as he breaks down the art of persuasion and communication in both written and spoken word. The workshop will be suitable for all  – from early professionals (recent graduates and individuals with up to 5 years’ experience in the industry) to middle level and experienced professionals. Particular attention will be paid to the specific challenges of communicating in the Zoom era.

If you or a colleague would like to register, please contact Courtney Tremlett ([email protected]), indicating whether you identify as an early or middle level/experienced professional.