The 14th Annual AIMA Canada Debate


The 14th Annual AIMA Canada Debate

Does Size Matter?

Be it Resolved: Large Managers are a Better Investment than Small Managers

On one end of the spectrum, a manager's AUM can be the crucial achilles' heel, while for others it can be a critical strength and upper hand in comparison to peers.

Our two adversaries will put forth arguments that the size of a manager plays an influential role in the manager's overall success. Some may say smaller managers are quick, nimble and innately innovative while others might argue that large managers can provide experienced knowledge, strong infrastructure and stability. 

Join us and provide your vote for your favoured adversary during a lively debate and luncheon at the historic National Club. 


Alex Da Costa  – Pro, arguing for large managers
Managing Director - Hedge Funds at 
Pavilion Alternatives Group

Marlene Puffer– Con, arguing for small managers
Board Trustee & Chair of the Asset-Liability Committee at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan &  Partner at Alignvest Investment Management

Jesse Kaufman - Moderator
Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor at The Seidman Kaufman Group of Richardson GMP Ltd.


CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company