Tokenization: Unlocking the future of asset markets

Virtual event

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Watch the playback to join us for this webinar as speakers dove into the fascinating and fast-moving world of tokenization and its potentially significant impact on the financial landscape.

The session discussed:

  • The fundamentals of tokenization: Understanding the core concepts and benefits
  • Real-world use cases: Exploring how tokenization is revolutionizing various industries
  • Investment opportunities: Discovering the potential for fractional ownership and increased liquidity
  • Regulatory landscape: Navigating the evolving regulatory environment surrounding digital assets
  • Future outlook: Insights into the long-term implications and trends shaping tokenization


  • Carlos Domingo, Founder & CEO, Securitize
  • Shalin Madan, Co-Founder, CGO, Formidium 
  • Michelle Noyes, Managing Director, Head of Americas, AIMA
  • Harsha Patwardhan, EVP, Formidium
  • Timothy Spangler, Partner, Dechert LLP
  • Lucas Vogelsang, Cofounder, Centrifuge