AIMA Fund Manager Briefing: Addressing Key Operational Changes for 2021 - How to Drive Greater Business Impact

UK Business operations Technology Risk management Virtual event

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Operations and compliance leaders will take away actionable knowledge on how to improve efficiency and scalability across third party risk management workflows, private investment operations and regulatory reporting.

The session will cover:

  • 5 things to fix in your third-party risk management program 
  • Critical operational, regulatory and technology considerations when supporting a growing private markets portfolio 
  • Navigating complexities of regulatory reporting; delegated vs. direct 


  • Richard Blore, CEO KY3P
  • Leon Sinclair, Global Head of Private Equity & Debt Services
  • Rishi Kotecha, Head of Commercial Strategy, Private Markets 
  • Igor Kaplun, Head of Regulatory Reporting, NA

Please note this session is open to fund managers only.

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