5th Annual Victoria Alternative Investment Outlook Forum

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Jointly hosted by CAIA Vancouver, AIMA Canada and CFA Society Vancouver, the Annual Alternative Investment Outlook Forum brings together leaders from across the industry to discuss the changing landscape and outlook of alternative investments. This year, we are thrilled to reunite in person for a presentation and long overdue networking reception.


  • Martin Gerber, CFA, Director, President & CIO, Head of Asset Allocation, Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management

  • Steven Novakovic, CAIA, CFA, Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum, CAIA Association

  • Carmen Firmani, CFA, Manager, Client Relations, BCI



Keynote Speaker:

  • Martin Gerber, CFA, Director, President & CIO, Head of Asset AllocationConnor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management

Martin will discuss some key secular forces emerging within the global economy and financial markets, and implications for asset returns during the next cycle. The most significant change is the secular shift in the outlook for inflation and interest rates globally. This will require a paradigm shift in how investors approach asset allocation. The recommended strategies of the past decade to diversify market (beta) exposures and increase allocations to private assets may not be sufficient to meet objectives going forward.

Fireside Chat

Steve Novakovic will give us an update on endowments and discuss performance and alts asset allocation with Carmen Firmani.

  • Steven Novakovic, CAIA, CFAManaging Director, CAIA CurriculumCAIA Association
  • Carmen Firmani, CFAManager, Client RelationsBCI


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