AIMA Canada Wealth Advisor Summit: Private credit in retail portfolios

Canada Virtual event

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Advisors are increasingly turning to alternative investments for diversification, volatility protection and non-correlated returns.

AIMA Canada’s Wealth Advisor Summit is a 4-part virtual series to highlight the case for alternatives given the current market backdrop, dive deep into hedge funds, liquid alts and private credit and discuss key due diligence considerations for alternative products.

Topics to be discussed in this session are:

  • Outlook for private credit in current market
  • How to choose between strategies and fund structures
  • Strategies available in Canada
  • How much and when to allocate in client portfolios
  • Benefits and challenges on investing in private credit
  • Client conversations regarding private credit


  • Justin Gimza, Vice President, FirePower Capital
  • Loren Francis, Vice President & Principal, HighView Financial Group
  • Andrew Sarna, Vice President, Investments, Forthlane Partners
  • Randy Garg, Founder & Managing Partner, Vistara Growth


  • Craig Machel, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, Richardson Wealth

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