Webinar: HMRC’s Profit Diversion Compliance Facility


You are invited to join a webinar on HMRC’s Profit Diversion Compliance Facility (PDCF) aimed at multinational enterprises (MNEs) who have used cross-border arrangements that HMRC considers result in an artificial reduction in UK profits, including arrangements targeted by the diverted profits tax (DPT) legislation. The PDCF guidance, published on 10 January, and the update to HMRC’s DPT guidance (published in December 2018) have broader relevance because they also confirm and make public the insights and developments we have experienced in relation to HMRC’s approach to DPT or related Transfer Pricing (TP) enquiries more generally.

During the webinar EY will provide an overview of the PDCF, including what HMRC considers to be profit diversion risk indicators, what HMRC’s approach to the PDCF teaches us about future developments in their approach to transfer pricing and how investment managers can better prepare for these changes.


  • Darren Andrews, Associate Partner, EY
  • Dan Thompson, Partner, EY
  • Hurriyah Butt, Director, EY
  • Martin Powell, Associate Partner, EY 

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