Webinar: Modernising Due Diligence of Investment Managers for EMEA & Americas


Did you miss our live launch events? Join us for a webinar.

Twenty years ago AIMA released its first questionnaire for the due diligence of hedge fund managers. That DDQ has 110 questions and focused solely on managers of managed futures funds. Since 1997, AIMA members have seen the breadth and depth of investor due diligence expand significantly, covering more topics, more strategies and more managers. Ever more investors are undertaking significant due diligence processes prior to making an investment. At the same time, many hedge fund managers have transformed from being boutique single strategy, single fund managers seeking high net worth investors to being diversified multi-strategy, multi-product managers seeking investments from a wide range of investors from retail to institutional investors. These factors have created challenges for investment managers and for investors alike.

Reacting to these pressures, AIMA has modernised its suite of DDQs, making them more flexible, easier to complete and increasingly data-driven. AIMA is pleased to present this session which will focus on the modernisation of the AIMA manager DDQ, which has become one of AIMA's most successful and closely followed products. Jennifer Wood, an AIMA Managing Director and Global Head of Asset Management Regulation and Sound Practices, will highlight some changes to the new Illustrative Questionnaire for the Due Diligence of Investment Managers, discussing its genesis, creation, use and special technical features. 

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Please note, if you are unable to join the recording will be available after the webinar on the AIMA website.