Webinar: Presentation and Discussion on the AIFMD Report


AIMA is pleased to invite you to an exclusive presentation of the AIFMD report by Lina Vatenaite, legal officer at DG FISMA.

Lina is leading the AIFMD review in DG FISMA and has been working on EU asset management regulation for the past 7 years. In a conversation with Jiri Krol, Deputy CEO at AIMA, Lina will provide an in-depth overview of the European Commission’s approach to the revision of the directive and will answer to AIMA manager member firms’ questions.

This event is invite only for AIMA sponsoring partners and manager member firms. If you are interested in attending please email events@aima.org. 

Jiri Krol, Deputy CEO, AIMA
Lina Vatenaite, Legal Officer, DG FISMA