AIMA and Simmons & Simmons publish Responsible Investment Primer to clarify role of responsible investment in hedge fund industry

Published: 01 May 2019


1 May 2019, London: The Alternative Investment Management Association (‘AIMA’), in partnership with Simmons & Simmons, has today published its Responsible Investment Primer (‘the Primer’) to provide an overview as to how hedge fund managers may approach responsible investment, and to encourage dialogue between investors and hedge fund managers.

Hedge fund managers around the world are responding to rising investor interest in responsible investment. In order to facilitate conversations between managers and their investors, the Primer includes definitions of key responsible investment terms and explanations of how the most common forms of responsible investment may apply to hedge funds.

The Primer also seeks to answer some of the more frequently asked questions on responsible investment and hedge funds. Topics discussed include the compatibility of responsible investment and short selling, how hedge fund managers can demonstrate their commitment to responsible investment, and how the principles of responsible investment can apply to the management of a hedge fund.

The Primer also contains a set of principles to help inform the debate on effective responsible investment regulation. Among other issues, the principles stress the need to allow room for innovation and to ensure that any shift towards responsible investment is led by investors.

AIMA will continue to engage with its members and other stakeholders on this crucial topic.

AIMA CEO Jack Inglis commented: “Hedge fund managers understand that investors want their principles to be reflected in their investments. AIMA is committed to working with our members and other industry stakeholders to ensure that hedge fund investors have the opportunity to invest in accordance with responsible investment principles should they wish to do so. We hope that this Primer will contribute to a constructive dialogue between managers, investors, and policymakers on how to ensure a sustainable future whilst acknowledging the need to grow investors’ capital over the long term.”


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