AIMA Japan/Eurekahedge: Only 16% of respondents consider Abenomics a success – down from 72% in 2015

Published: 10 June 2016


Eurekahedge in collaboration with AIMA, conducted the 3rd AIMA Japan and Eurekahedge Survey of Japanese investors with mandates to invest in Japan. The annual survey, which took place in February 2016 to May 2016 this year, gauges important insights into market sentiment, investment trends and key regulatory changes facing the Asian asset management industry, with a particular emphasis on the outlook for Japan.

Although the overall trend for 2016’s survey did not indicate a significant change in respondent’s sentiments from the previous year, a definite shift in opinion was observed on notable issues:

·         Confidence in the success of Abenomics plummets – only 16% feel it has been a success, down from 72% of respondents who felt this way last year.

·         Around 53% feel Abenomics has ‘little or no further potential’ despite 90% of respondents anticipating additional QE from the Bank of Japan later this year.

·         Crisis in the crosshairs – 39% indicated a high probability for a major financial crisis following the likes of 2008 to occur this year.

A brief summary of the results of this survey is available in a slide presentation on the Eurekahedge Dashboard for AIMA's and Eurekahedge's subscribers and the survey participants only. For a full report of the results and analysis, please contact [email protected].