AIMA Webinar Replay: AIMA & CAIA Risk Rating Guidelines for Canada: Hedge Funds, Alternative Mutual Funds & ETFs and Private Credit

Published: 25 April 2023


Recorded on April 25, 2023

AIMA, ACC and CAIA published an updated risk rating guideline in March 2023 to better align internal retail risk ratings at investment dealer firms with the historical risk-adjusted returns of funds within strategy indices.

This 4th edition of the AIMA & CAIA Risk Rating Guidelines for Canada focuses on the internal risk ratings placed on funds by dealer platforms in Canada and how they may differ from the historical risk-adjusted return of the specific fund or strategy indices (and for alternative mutual funds and alternative ETFs, how it may differ from the prospectus risk rating, as mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators or CSA).

Join us for this overview of AIMA, ACC & CAIA’s recommendations and methodology, as well as a practical discussion on the continued progression of risk ratings in Canadian advisor distribution channels.


  • Rob Lemon, Executive Director, Prime Services, CIBC Capital Markets

  • Steven Novakovic, Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum, CAIA Association

  • Nick Smith, Managing Director, Private Credit, AIMA


  • Claire Van Wyk-Allan, CAIA, Managing Director, Head of Canada, AIMA


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