Expert Group on AEFI – request for assistance

Published: 08 May 2017

AIMA participates in the EU Commission’s Expert Group on Automatic Exchange of Financial Information. At its next meeting in June the Expert Group proposes to consider issues related to the performance by financial institutions of customer due diligence under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). It would be helpful to AIMA’s nominated Expert to have information that derives from our members’ experience of CRS compliance, particularly within an EEA Member State. This may include both practical matters and technical issues, such as the cooperation of investors in providing information, the availability and usefulness of published guidance, the timetable proscribed for compliance, accessibility of tax authority portals,  concerns about data protection, and the extent to which delegation to a third party has proved possible in practice. If you would be willing to participate, please contact Paul Hale or Enrique Clemente.