Message from AIMA's CEO

By Jack Inglis, CEO, AIMA

Published: 28 June 2021

This edition of the AIMA Journal boasts no fewer than 24 articles, a record high since its launch in 1992.

The topics discussed in these pages cover the full gamut of the hedge fund and private credit industry, from operation and IR challenges and opportunities through to the topical market trends of ESG and digital assets; and everything in between. We also provide in-depth profiles on specific jurisdictions which are enjoying significant interest from alternative investment market participants following regulatory and tax overhauls. 

Edition 126 opens with several articles taking on the hot topic of cryptocurrencies with sage observations from legally minded members on some key issues to consider before engaging with the volatile asset class. 

We next approach the equally thorny topic of ESG, with insight into how to spot a case of greenwashing. 

Contributors also encourage a period of introspection and pose some pertinent questions by which readers can reflect on how to improve their IR functions and operational resiliency, as well as addressing the growing trend of tailored products, specifically side letters and pledge funds.

Turning to private debt, contributors consider how the market segment will fare in a rising interest rate environment, as well as sharing deep dives into business growth in Australia and India. 

This journal also covers the unavoidable macro topics of the major markets and shines a spotlight on the current US, UK, EU, and APAC regulatory environments. Readers can explore some of the headline topics of the moment, including the Volcker Rule, Hong Kong and Singapore’s open-fund regimes and the EU’s SFDR, as well as questions around the reality of the new post-Brexit environment for asset and wealth managers.

Finally, we review the latest developments in technology, such as AI, and the need for greater cybersecurity to protect data, including against the growing threat of ransomware. Contributors also discuss the people behind the screens and how a war is brewing for tech-savvy talent. 

My thanks go to all the authors in this edition which have made it one of the most comprehensive market resources of its type to date. As this journal will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity I encourage all members to secure their place in the next edition imminently. A publication schedule for the rest of 2021 is included at the beginning and at the end of this magazine.