AIMA Fund Manager Briefing | The UK funds market: new products and emerging cyber regulations


This session was in person only.

Members joined us for update on the new Long-Term Asset Fund (LTAF) which intended to offer investor access to alternative asset classes providing an alternative to open-ended funds that invest in illiquid assets. The speakers will discuss the dynamics of the asset class and the UK funds regime.

The session also looked at the ever increasing cyber regulations impacting the funds industry including a discussion on whether firms are adequately protected and what investors and regulators are saying, as well as providing updates on the increasing demand for visibility into cybersecurity risks and organisational capabilities and readiness.


  • Lora Froud, Partner, MacFarlanes
  • Rachel Wheeler, CEO Global Management Company Solutions, Waystone
  • John Zuska, Managing Director, US Cyber Solutions, Waystone

This session was open to manager members only.

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