AIMA Fund Manager Briefing: The regulatory and market push towards enhanced resilience - what should the buy-side do?

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You are invited to join AIMA and Cassini Systems for a session focusing on the impact of market volatility on the buy-side. The session will explore what firms can do to ensure a resilient collateral framework that enables enough collateral and liquidity to meet any demand in any market condition.

Speakers will also demonstrate the importance of stress testing as a critical component of resilience preparation and will review a worked example of a stress test on a sample portfolio.


  • Romulad Beneche, US Director, AIMA
  • Thomas Griffiths, Head of Product, Cassini Systems
  • Vardaan Kohli, Senior Product Specialist, Cassini Systems 

This session is open to fund managers only, to receive the invite code please email [email protected] 

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