AIMA APAC Webinar: Getting Ready for Initial Margin Compliance

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AIMA APAC invites you to join our webinar on 30 July 2020

Some industry estimates suggest that new UMR requirements for IM will bring as many as 300 firms into scope in 2021 and another 700 in 2022.  It is essential that firms understand and prepare for both the calculation and exchange of initial margin.

Our panel will discuss key topics to help you determine if you’re captured by the requirements and if you are, how to successfully navigate the implications for your business.

The discussion will include the following:

  • Background and overview of rules
  • Key UMR challenges
  • How to deliver a successful IM project
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A recording is available for replay here. Please contact for the password.


  • Michael Bugel, Managing Director, Co-Head of APAC, AIMA

    Michael joined AIMA in 2016 as Managing Director and Co-Head of APAC and brings a wealth of experience in Asian financial markets and has been located in Hong Kong for close to 18 years.

    He has held senior positions on the sell side both in New York and Hong Kong. He has held leadership positions at BNP Paribas, Bear Sterns, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and most recently at HSBC where he managed the banks senior relationships with the Asset management sector with in the Financial Institutional Group.

    Michael is responsible for the management of all our activities across Asia including our National groups, membership staff, events communications and finances. Together with Kher Sheng Lee (Co-Head of APAC) operate as our senior ambassadors for AIMA in APAC and the Industry we represent.

  • Neil Murphy, triResolve Business Manager, TriOptima

    Neil joined TriOptima in early 2016 to help them develop and launch their new margining service, triResolve Margin.  With a long history in collateral, combining the perspectives of both practitioner and software provider, he is well placed to advise on ways to achieve regulatory compliance and operational excellence.  Over the years he has worked with a large number of buy & sell-side firms, as well as service providers, to help them implement more robust processes around collateral.  Neil has previously worked at Algorithmics, IBM, SmartStream and ABN Amro in a number of Collateral and Middle Office roles.

  • Gemma Bailey, triCalculate Business Manager, TriOptima

    Gemma Bailey is the Business Line Manager for TriOptima’s triCalculate service. She has spent the past 10 years working within Post Trade Risk services at ICAP and TriOptima and Credit Middle Office at Goldman Sachs. Currently she focuses her time on triCalculate’s XVA and Initial Margin calculation services. Gemma holds a BSc Hons degree in Mathematics with Actuarial Sciences from the University of Southampton.

  • Shaun Murray, CEO,  Margin Reform

    Shaun Murray is the Managing Director, CEO of Margin Reform. Shaun is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of international experience working in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US where he has focused on enterprise-wide collateral management, credit risk, funding, liquidity and strategy at BT, RBS, Greenwich Capital and SCB.


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