Alternative Credit Council Global Summit 2018


We are excited to announce that our first Alternative Credit Council Global Summit on Tuesday 22 May 2018 will take place in the City of London. 

This event will provide the opportunity for asset managers, investors, service providers and regulators within the sector to come together and discuss the future of private credit as this market continues to grow.

The theme dedicated to this event will be 'building an asset class to last: market discipline in private credit. Discussions will look at a range of themes including:

  • Building for the future
  • Responsible lending, investor protection and access to finance
  • Technology and operations
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • A customer perspective on private credit 

Please note, places may be limited due to capacity constraints and are not automatically approved. 

Speakers include:

  • Deborah Zurkow, Allianz GI
  • Elissa Kluever, OMNI Partners
  • Iain Forrester, Aviva
  • Ludo Bammens, KKR
  • Max Mitchell, ICG
  • Rod Lockhart, Lendinvest
  • Stuart Fiertz, Cheyne Capital

Further updates on the agenda and speakers will be updated in due course. 

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