APAC Fund Manager Briefing: The Metamorphosis of Globalisation - The Future of Trade

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AIMA APAC invites you to join our FMB webinar on 5 July 2022.

The war in Ukraine and China’s zero-COVID policy have raised new questions about the future for globalisation. But it’s a debate which has been underway since long before the pandemic or even the US-China trade disputes under President Trump. Trade as a share of GDP has been stagnant at best or falling significantly since the global financial crisis in 2008/9. Today’s challenges – especially the Ukraine war – are pointing to an increase in localisation (self-sufficiency) – and so a further pushback on globalisation. 

Please join our speakers as they discuss the impacts of globalised trade in an increasingly different world. 

They will discuss the following:  

  • Sanctions and their effects on the economy
  • Why countries need to improve self-sufficiency
  • Pushback between globalisation and the weaponization of trade
  • Global economic slowdown and its impacts on commodity prices


  • Michael Bugel, Managing Director and Co-Head of APAC, AIMA
  • Nicolas de Loisy, President, Supply Chain Management Outsource
  • Jolyon Ellwood-Russell, Partner, Financial Markets and #tradetech evangelist, Simmons & Simmons
  • Andy Hartwill, Clight Insights Lead, Simmons & Simmons

Please note these sessions are open to fund managers only, should you meet this requirement and would like a copy of the replay, please email here.  

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