Big Data: Impact in Alternative Asset Management

Canada Virtual event Artificial Intelligence

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Big data continues to impact alternative investment management. From alternative data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and beyond, managers are adapting to a quickly-changing landscape of technology available to portfolio managers to generate alpha. Join us for a robust conversation discussing:

  • Navigating beyond the buzzwords
  • Integration of data, AI and ML in portfolio management to generate alpha
  • Perspectives on talent and skillsets in-house vs. outsourced
  • Considerations for data sourcing, quality and security
  • Investor attitudes towards automation and integration
  • What’s still to come: quantum computing and beyond.


  • Carl Dussault, CEO, Evovest
  • Serena McDonnell, Quantitative Researcher, Oracle Alpha
  • Jamie Wise, President & CEO, Periscope Capital
  • Adam Butler, Chief Investment Officer, ReSolve Asset Management Global


  • Anthony Caiafa, Chief Technology Officer, SS&C Technologies