Digital Assets & Anti-Money Laundering

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Sound practice in anti-money laundering in digital assets is paramount for the growth and security of this burgeoning asset class. Join these thought leaders for a robust discussion on these topics and more:

  • How AML works in digital assets: myth vs reality
  • Client on-boarding and ongoing monitoring
  • Building sound practice in AML & KYC programs
  • Global regulatory approaches on AML & crypto
  • Building strong teams with specialist expertise
  • Private and public partnerships to drive effective anti-fraud and investor protection programs
  • Proactive information sharing between exchanges, legal and operational considerations
  • Reporting

Speakers include:

  • Cindy Zhang, Associate, BLG
  • John Armit, Liaison Officer, A/Detective Sergeant,  Anti-Rackets Branch, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC)
  • Caitlin Barnett, Director of Regulation & Compliance, Chainalysis Inc.


  • James Moore, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Canada, Binance Canada