AIMA Canada Liquid Alt Series

Canada Liquid alternatives

May 18-20 4.00 PM EDT each day

Liquid alternative funds have now been available in Canada for over two years through mutual fund, ETF and closed end fund structures.

As wealth advisors and investors consider the diversification, risk reduction and non-correlated return benefits these products can provide to portfolios, join us for this webinar series to learn about their growth story, product trends, how they have managed through market volatility, asset allocation integration and how the Canadian market compares to its US 40 Act peers.


To watch a replay of Day 1's session, please click here

Day 1: Tue May 18 – Alternative Mutual Funds (sponsored by Scotiabank)



  • Structure overview and exemptive relief
  • Product trends and strategies available
  • Advisor adoption & asset allocation trends
  • Distribution & risk ratings
  • Differentiating factors: management fees, performance fees, liquidity terms and more
  • Growth history & projections


  • Michael Burns, Partner, Capital Markets and M&A Group, McMillan LLP
  • Andrew McCreath, CEO/CIO, Forge First Asset Management
  • Dennis Macpherson, Senior Vice President, SGGG Fund Services Inc.
  • Stephanie Kremer, Managing Director, Distribution, YTM Capital Asset Management Ltd.


  • Graham Jones, Director, Sales, Prime Brokerage, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets


To watch a replay of Day 2's session, please click here

Day 2: Wed May 19 – Alternative ETFs (sponsored by National Bank)



  • Alternative ETF Structure overview
  • Product trends and strategies available
  • How Alternative ETF trading works vs a mutual fund, including liquidity differences
  • Choosing an alternative product structure
  • Advisor adoption & asset allocation integration
  • Growth history and projections


  • Steve Hawkins, President and CEO, Horizons ETFs Canada and current Chair of the Canadian ETF Association
  • Patrick McEntyre, Managing Director, Electronic Trading & Services, National Bank Financial
  • Paul Mckenna, Senior Manager, Product Services Group, Scotia Wealth Management
  • Andrew Torres, Managing Partner, Lawrence Park Asset Management


  • Peter Goulos, Managing Director, Prime Services, National Bank Independent Network


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To watch a replay of Day 3's session, please click here

Day 3: Thu May 20 – Learning from US Liquid Alts: 40 Act Funds 


  • 40 Act Structure overview
  • Product trends - strategies available in US
  • Advisor reception & adoption
  • Asset allocation integration
  • Growth history & projections
  • Factors for success in product and distribution
  • Manager decisions on launching liquid alts


  • Shana Sissel, Chief Investment Officer, Spotlight Asset Group, Inc.
  • Terry A. Simpson, BlackRock Alternative Investments - Head of Wealth Strategy for the Americas, BlackRock
  • Daniel C. Chung, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Fred Alger Management, LLC


  • Kripa Kapadia, Director, Client Portfolio Management, RPIA

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