November Fund Manager Training - Singapore


Identifying Skill in Your Investment Process

The best and most innovative managers are constantly looking at new ways to identify skill, strengthen their investment process, manage risk, improve performance and market the results!

Research into Inalytics’ database of over 160 million investment decisions has identified the key questions for assessing the strengths of an investment process. Attending this session, investment managers will gain insight into how investment skill can be objectively measured and assessed using empirical data.

Rick Di Mascio, the founder & CEO of Inalytics, will look to address some of these questions and describe what ultimately drives manager performance, including:

  • To what extent is performance driven by the handful of outliers?
  • To what extent are the high conviction holdings adding value?
  • How successful is the process of adding new names to the portfolio?

Rick will also be able to address the characteristics of investment skill for Asian managers, and whether these differ from their global counterparts. Click the attachment below to find out more about Inalytics. 


* This session is most suitable for Portfolio managers, Research analysts or Risk/Performance attribution teams.


Rick Di Mascio, Founder & CEO, Inalytics - United Kingdom

Rick has worked in the pensions and investment industry since 1979 as a graduate analyst rising to CIO and CEO at the UK Mineworkers Pension Plan with a responsibility for USD 40 billion in assets. He later ran the UK unit of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Olympus Capital, one of the early long/short hedge funds. In addition, Rick is a Special Advisor to the Universities Superannuation Scheme, the UK’s largest public pension fund.

Please note these sessions are open to managers only and there is a limit on the number of attendees per firm. To register, please email

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