Opportunities in Commodity Investing

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Given the outperformance of equities in the last decade, the return potential and portfolio diversification benefits of commodities are underappreciated, with a potential super-cycle of opportunity ahead.

Hear about the various ways of adding commodity exposure, their benefits and risks.  This will include resource equities, commodity benchmark indexes, tactical strategies and CTA/Managed Futures. The panel will also discuss the commodity sector from a cyclical perspective and examine the potential opportunity at the current time.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Commodities’ market cycle perspectives
  • How to access commodities with an ESG mindset
  • Asset allocation implementation and how to best access
  • Investor sentiment and interest


  • Peter Mann, Co-CEO, Grayhawk Wealth
  • Tim Pickering, Founder & CIO, Auspice Capital Advisors
  • James E. Thorne, Chief Market strategist, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth


  • Thomas Holloway, Finance Faculty, Haskayne School of Business at University of Calgary