AIMA hosted its inaugural Digital Assets Conference on May 11, 2022. A sold-out New York venue hosted an audience of more than 300 LPs, GPs and professionals from across the legacy alternative investments and digital assets industries to focus on ‘the how’ of allocating to digital assets. More than 20% of attendees were allocators, and another 30% were fund managers. 

The agenda spanned four plenary sessions, including 12 breakouts and over 60 speakers, featuring hedge fund and venture capital portfolio managers, pension investment professionals, an SEC commissioner, Web3 entrepreneurs, and a cameo from bestselling-author Ben Mezrich. Attendees came to the conference at different stages in their crypto educational journey. Concepts like ‘staking’ and ‘digital asset yield’ elicited plenty of follow-up questions. Others had already dedicated their careers to the space, ditching their suits for hoodies, and are focused on helping their former peers make the leap. 

For details about last year's conference, click here


Key takeaways:

Here is a recap of the major themes discussed during last year's conference. 


Additional resources:

 We hear and read about digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, all the time but they are still surrounded by misconceptions.

Our host Drew Nicol speaks to Michelle Noyes, AIMA’s head of Americas and a driving force for the association’s digital assets working group, to dispel some common myths around digital assets and explains how hedge funds are navigating the opportunities and challenges in this emerging market.


The Current Landscape from a Pioneering Asset Manager’s Perspective 

Eric Peters, the Founder and CIO of One River Asset Management, participated in an opening fireside chat with John D’Agostino.  Peters, a traditional macro hedge fund manager, has been a pioneer in investing in digital assets. Peters and D’Agostino began their chat as UST, a stablecoin, was melting down, but as a manager with institutional clients, he conveyed and encouraged a long-term view.  To hear more from Peters, listen to his AIMA podcast available here.



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