AIMA Journal 138 - CEO Message

By Jack Inglis, CEO, AIMA

Published: 17 June 2024

In anticipation of AIMA’s first Innovation Day conference in London on 4 September, we are dedicating the first half of this edition of the AIMA Journal to pioneers within our industry, presenting a series of articles that explore novel solutions to the challenges of operating in today’s market environment. 

We start with a welcome contribution by AIMA’s Global Head of Markets, Governance and Innovation, Adam Jacobs-Dean. Adam offers his view on how the increasing regulatory burden has increased the attractiveness of external solutions that can help stretched in-house legal, risk and compliance teams. 

Next, we can learn about the efficiency gains that may be possible by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to compliance functions, a theme also identified in AIMA’s recent research report on generative AI. 

The merits of blockchain technology are also represented, with a compelling article on how it can improve the investment process through tokenising assets and funds. 

There is also a meeting of new and old, as talk of innovative new technology is paired with a look back at the past decade since the EU’s AIFMD went live and an assessment of how it has impacted the asset and fund management industry. 

Looking ahead to AIFMD 2.0 – coming into force on 16 April 2026 – there are changes afoot for the rules governing EU AIFs that originate loans, such as private credit funds. This is an area that AIMA, through its private credit affiliate, the Alternative Credit Council, is highly active in engaging with policymakers at an EU and national level, and we will continue to represent our members’ views on these changes and assist with implementation best practices ahead of the go-live date. 

These are only some of the topical articles featured in this quarter’s edition, with others offering timely explainers on tax, legal, regulatory and macroeconomic trends impacting our market today, all of which deserve your time. 

My thanks go to all the contributors to the AIMA Journal this year, who ensure it will continue to be one of our most popular and widely read resources going forward.