AIMA Webinar Replay: Making the Jump: Leadership Presence in a Virtual World

Published: 13 August 2020


Making the jump in one’s career from a more junior position to a mid-level or experienced role requires an imperfect combination of ingredients: the right mindset, determination, drive, and skillset. Add in continuous self-improvement, with professional development, technical designations, soft skills, and inner reflection. Mix with personal advice from mentors, coaches, and support from sponsors to help propel you to the role of your dreams. This recipe for success can feel that extra bit difficult amid a remote working environment, where face time with managers and leaders can be less frequent and more structured.

Hear reflections from these professionals on their previous career jumps, and their advice on how young professionals can best position themselves for success in this virtual world.

Some of the key areas of focus in this discussion will include:

  • How to position yourself as a leader in a virtual world
  • How to maintain focus on goals and professional development focus in a WFH environment
  • How to create and maintain relationships and mentorships remotely
  • Preparing yourself for online making the jump-type conversations

We invite both young and experienced professionals to join us for this panel and roundtable discussion.



  • Farialle Pacha, Next Edge Capital, VP of Business Development,
  • Chris Kerlow, Richardson GMP, Portfolio Manager for Connected Wealth
  • Lindsay Gobin, Intertrust Group, Senior Vice President Business Development



  • Wendy Kang, Citco (Canada) Inc., Vice President of Business Development and Client Service Management


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