Press Release: Alternatives industry takes on PARAS’10 challenge to support Help For Children UK

Published: 28 March 2023

  • 10-mile endurance race based on Paratrooper training programme
  • Runners raising money to help tackle child abuse
  • All participants must complete 100 hours of training over six months

London, 28 March 2023 – More than 50 individuals from across the alternative investments industry are undergoing intensive training to tackle the PARAS’10 TAB (‘Tactical Advance to Battle’), a gruelling ten-mile challenge, to raise money for Help For Children in the UK. The event takes place on 27th May 2023.

Participants will navigate an all-terrain course at military training grounds in Colchester, while carrying a 35lb (16kg) rucksack. The challenge is tough - it is based on the ’10 Mile March’ that originally formed part of the entrance test for Paratrooper recruits and is intended to assess physical fitness, mental robustness and determination.

This is HFC (UK)’s biggest and most ambitious fundraising challenge ever and is being closely followed by the wider alternative investments community.  To prepare for the big day, all the volunteers will have completed an intense, 100-hour training program over six months to ensure they are ready to take on the PARAS’10 TAB.

Participants are raising money to support Help For Children UK, which has been working with the alternative investments community to tackle child abuse since 2006, helping carefully selected grantee organisations protect children from the preventable threat of abuse, as well as support those who have experienced it.  

HFC (UK) has set up a dedicated donation page to enable industry colleagues and friends to support  this epic challenge to raise money for HFC’s life changing projects, delivered through its carefully chosen grantee organisations:

Grantees for 2022 are Dandelion Time, Abianda, The Mulberry Bush, The Children’s Society, Redthread, Kids Inspire and Safer London. They are all delivering high-impact projects that include restoring hope to abused children, youth violence intervention, post-trauma counselling, therapy, and community programmes. 

The PARAS’10 race is run annually by the charity Support Our Paras, dedicated to looking out for the welfare of serving and retired Paratroopers.

“The extent of child abuse in the UK is truly shocking. I am in awe of all the participants who are committing mind, body and soul to this challenge to raise both awareness and funds towards preventing and treating this abuse. 35lb of sand in a rucksack, the same for both men and women, is a heavy burden, the equivalent of a 4-year-old child. Please support them generously,” added Jack Inglis, CEO of AIMA and HFC (UK) Chair.

“These Alternatives Sector volunteers have shown how much they care for Children by this grassroots initiative. Such a huge collective sacrifice is commendable and worthy of the support from the whole Alternatives industry, an endurance race like no other, for mere mortals”, said John Gunn, AIMA Member.


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