About Alternatives


Who invests in alternative investment funds? What contribution do alternative asset management businesses make to the real economy? How many people work in the industry? Click on the link above for a series of short articles covering these and other topics that reveal the value of alternative investment funds to investors, financial markets and the economy.

Frequently-asked questions

AIMA represents alternative asset management businesses that manage hedge funds and private credit funds. The FAQs on this page cover a range of issues relating to the overall sector and these types of investment funds. If you have further questions you would like us to answer, contact us at [email protected].

Evolution of the industry

The alternative investment industry has changed considerably in the last 20 years, and especially since the financial crisis. It now serves a largely institutional investor base - such as pensions, endowments and charitable foundations. A considerable volume of regulation now applies to fund managers. These have been game-changers for the industry. Click on the link above to learn more.

AIMA research

AIMA is a leading source of information about the alternative investment fund industry for managers, investors, policymakers, regulators and the media. Click on the link above to read our research papers and thought-leadership reports.


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